Policies & Information


Missed/late appointments: If you are unable to attend your appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours before your appointment time. Time is allocated for your dog’s groom therefore missed appointments are liable for a £15 cancellation fee before another appointment can be made.

We run a strict grooming schedule, so please inform us if you are running late, as this will affect other clients appointment times.

Drop off/collection: We only have room for a small number of crates in the salon, therefore we can only accommodate dogs being dropped off no earlier than 15 minutes before their appointment time, and collected no later than 15 minutes after the groom unless by prior arrangement. Late collection of your dog may result in a sitting charge of £5 per 15 minutes.

We will text/call you 10 to 15 minutes before your dog’s groom is finished. Please wait until you have received notification. When owners arrive back early, it unsettles the dog which could result in the groom having to end prematurely.

Bitches in season: If your dog comes into season before her grooming appointment, please inform us of this.

Having a bitch in season, in the salon can unsettle other dogs making grooming difficult. Therefore it may be necessary to reschedule the time or date of your appointment

Allergies: Please inform us of any known allergies your dog may have. If your dog has been prescribed a medicated shampoo by your vet, please bring this with you and any other instructions provided by the vet.

We use natural products where possible, however we cannot be held responsible if your dog has an allergic reaction to any of our products if we are not informed before grooming.

Aggressive dogs: As a pet owner, you are obliged to inform us if your dog is aggressive. An extra charge may be incurred if your dog becomes aggressive because they may take longer to groom or require extra staff to help.

We reserve the right to refuse service to aggressive dogs who pose a risk to themselves, other dogs or staff.

Toileting: Please ensure your dog has had the opportunity to toilet before coming for his/her appointment. A walk before their grooming appointment will also give your dog chance to let off a bit of steam, making for a calmer grooming experience for all concerned. Whilst we appreciate that ‘accidents’ do happen, having to break off grooming to clear ‘accidents’ up and take to an outside bin delays the grooms.

Getting the groom right:

Please be as specific as possible when telling us how you like your dog to be groomed. On collection of your dog, if you are not happy with any part of the groom, please speak to us about it so that we have the opportunity to correct it. We want you to be happy with your dogs groom.

Grooming time: We try to stick to schedule, however it isn’t just about the groom, we get interruptions ….. answering the phone, giving out advice, calming nervous dogs, cleaning up poo …. Thanks for understanding.

Advance Appointments: Regular appointments will keep your dog in top condition. Advance appointments mean your dog is groomed at a time that suits you. Make life easier and set up advance appointments today.

Social Media: We love to share your dogs on Facebook. We only ever use the dogs name, never your name or address. If you do not give permission for this, please tell us otherwise we will assume permission is granted.


By having your dog groomed with us, you are accepting the above terms, so please read them all carefully.

The Barker Shop have been providing the people of Scunthorpe with professional and affordable dog grooming services for many years.

" What a wonderful place to take your doggy knowing they will take good care of them and do the style exactly the way you want it. My little Pippa looks and smells lovely. Best cut ever. I can't thank you all enough. "

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